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We offer programs for all ages; Children, Adults, Senior Citizens.

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Bhakti Yo

Each program will be tailored your needs! Our classes will do more than just work on the body. At the end of each class, you will feel recharged and rejuvenated, your mind will feel relaxed, yet focused and clear.

  • Silver Program

    Silver Program

    The Silver Progam is designed to help senior citizens prevent or reverse the loss of physical and mental functions, through training especially those muscles used in daily life activities.

    We offer Chair Yoga, Zumba Gold, Tai Chi and Chair Workout.

  • Corporate Wellness Program

    Corporate Wellness Program

    The Corporate Wellness Program will help you and your coworkers to learn how to deal with stress, reduce physical discomfort and restore and relax body and mind.

    We offer programs before and after work and during lunchtime.

  • Diamond Program

    Diamond Program

    Our Diamond Program for children builds on the inborn desire of children to move and explore. We will show the children how to utilize and direct this curiosity into well-balanced, harmonious health routines, to playfully gain and maintain health, strength, and happiness.

    Our Diamond Program can be held in the classroom (15-30 min) or as after-school programs (60 min).


Using specific movements and breathing exercises to strengthen body and mind, increase range of motion and enhance concentration.





Join the Party. Zumba/Dance is a great way to exercise without getting bored. Dance your way to fitness.





Tai Chi

The combination of slow, graceful movements and breath will promote a peaceful state of mind, well-being and reduce stress and anxiety. Scientific research showed, that regular practice of Tai Chi will increase bone density and boost the immune system.


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We are a growing team of highly trained and educated health specialists and instructors. At Yoga Excellation we take pride in providing top-of-the-line customer service by adjusting the classes to the needs of the participants, assuring regularity of classes through our vast network of instructors, and making the programs happen at your convenience. We don’t do “can’t do”!

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