Young  woman doing yoga in her living room.

Hatha Yoga Flow

Yoga Excellation Flow is a well balanced, dynamic form of Hatha Yoga. We incorporate breathing exercises, strengthening exercises, Yoga postures and relaxation techniques. Each class will strengthen, stretch and balance the entire body. At the same time it helps to develop focus, concentration and relaxation.


The Yoga Excellation Diamond Program

Children are born with an intense desire to explore and learn, especially when it comes to movement. In this class we will show the children how to utilize and direct this curiosity into a well-balanced, harmonious routine. The children will playfully build physical and mental strength and maintain their natural state of health, flexibility and happiness. At the same time they will learn to experience the beauty of silence and attentiveness.


Office Yoga

The Yoga Excealltion Corporate Wellness Program is designed to help you and your coworkers to learn how to deal with stress, reduce physical discomfort and restore balance and strength in your body.


Silver Program

Our Yoga Excellation Silver-Program is designed to prevent or reverse the loss of physical and mental functions through training especially those muscles used in your daily life and strengthen the ability to maintain balance and prevent falling. We also offer exercises to maintain good memory. We offer classes for 50+ and 70+.