Yoga Excellation Certification Course (200h, registered with Yoga Alliance)shoulderstand assist


Our Yoga Excellation Certification Course focuses on educating and training you to become an excellent, confident and efficient professional in the field of Yoga, Meditation and Stress reduction.

Our system is designed to improve, support and facilitate each individual’s goals and dreams in their daily life. Since the motivation for participating in our classes and the approach to health and happiness are different in every age group, we customize the classes accordingly.

The Yoga Excellation Certification Course is held in 5 weekends.

As part of the Certification Course a certain amount of work assignments (approximately 20 hours) and a written examination are required.

We offer Yoga, Meditation, Stress Reduction and Nutrition classes for:

Children, Adults, 50+, 70+, Corporate Wellness and Athletes.


Our next Teacher Training Program starts:

January 29th in Boca Raton.

The Yoga Excellation Team:

Our company is expanding quickly and the demand for classes, and thus for instructors is huge. We are looking forward to have you in our team.

After completion of the Yoga Excellation Certification Course you will have unlimited opportunities to work with your personal coach and our master instructors to help you perfect your skills. Our goal is to fill your schedule with classes as soon as possible, to make you happy and keep you as part of our team.